EFT for Weight Management Course

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Dr. Peta Stapleton and Glenn Mackintosh have created an excellent EFT for weight management online course.  It’s on sale now to the public. Coupon code included below.

Online course

Recently I participated in an eight-week trial of a weight management psychology course featuring Dr. Peta Stapleton and Glenn Mackintosh.  I was skeptical going in as I wasn’t sure how they would tailor the premade videos to everyone’s needs.   If you read my last blog post, you will know that I was quite impressed with the videos and was able to use the tapping scripts to my advantage.

Immediate results

I noticed two immediate results from doing the videos.

  1. My food cravings for starchy carbs changed.  I tapped on one particular food item and then noticed the changes affecting other foods as well.  Cookies got less sweet, chips tasted horrible, bread was less appealing.
  2. I started working out again.   The tapping module on exercise is quite brilliant and addressed an aspect I had never considered before but turned out to be helpful.

An eight-week program

There are eight modules with about five videos each module.   They suggest you take eight weeks to complete the course. The videos are excellent and build on Dr. Stapleton’s extensive experience with weight management groups. She introduces and covers aspects that are very helpful to consider. If you are interested, the program is now available for sale to the public. I have a 10% discount coupon as an affilate seller. Enter “bestyearever” in the code field.

Get started now

Note: After participating in the clinical trial, I decided to become an affiliate based on how impressed I was with the results. I am very selective in what I recommend and I trust you will agree it’s a great program.  I do receive a commission on sales and am also provided with a 10% coupon.