Family Energetics

Healing yourself, loving the world

You’ve done your personal work

You’ve done your personal work, but still feel stuck in some areas of your life. Perhaps a relationship that just doesn’t feel right, lack of progress in your work, or a general sense of unease with who you are. You don’t fit your life, yet.

You’ve tried tapping, therapy, past life regression, or psychic readings. All those are valid and generally helpful, but sometimes the solution isn’t found in your life, it’s in the lives of your ancestors.

Your history is in your DNA

Events in our family history, even many generations ago, can affect us today.  Science is catching up with this idea as studies show trauma is passed down in our DNA from one generation to another.

With the innovation of tapping and the insights from Family Constellations, you can now find relief for yourself while energetically addressing events from the past.

Blending tapping and constellations

I started introducing the powerful combination of these two modalities in 2009. I trained for a year in Family Constellations and of course am an accredited EFT practitioner. I’ve facilitated individual Family Energetic sessions for hundreds of folks, helping them find relief previously unattainable.


The answer is in your hands

In 2012, I wrote the book Family Energetics so people could do this work themselves. I offer specific tapping scripts for different family events. The book has sold nonstop since 2012, solely by word of mouth.

Here’s a 5 star review from a reader:

Wonderful synthesis of family constellations and EFT. I encountered this book while researching the possibility to carry out family constellation on my own. Not only does Deborah provide several formats for very illuminating DIY processes, but also the combination with EFT made those processes really deep and transformative for me.

Learn more

If you want to learn more about Family Energetics looks like, here are about 20 blog posts with some helpful insights and exercises.

Get the book

If you are interested in the full book, it’s in paperback $15 and kindle $9.99 on Amazon.