Healing 2016 and hope for 2020 #327

Healing yourself, loving the world

Tapping this Week
Tapping this Week
Healing 2016 and hope for 2020 #327

This is a good one! I talk about why you might be feeling more triggered than ever by Trump, grieving the 2016 election, and getting through this next month.

  1. Anniversaries of past events can trigged us now.
  2. When we are close to something ending, we can finally feel how bad it has been.

The four elements of a traumatic event.

  • Unexpected, sudden, or dramatic
  • Feel isolated or isolating 
  • Has value to you
  • Feel powerless or under-resourced

How saving things to process later reduces our ability to be resilient in the moment.

Walking around angry, disconnected, opinionated, can be a sign of unprocessed past events.  Tapping helps you find your center again.

Notice whether this past week, have you felt triggered, sad, alone, disconnected?

7:42 Tapping 

I tap for the disgust and despair at all the discord created by the Trump presidency. I tap for grieving that we don’t have a female president yet and that I see Trump as a sexual predator. 

When we get closer to the end of something, we can process how painful it’s been.

12:35 Tapping 

Hope for the next election and the pain of these past 4 years

Photo by Mark Koch on Unsplash

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Deborah Donndelinger

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