Healing yourself, loving the world

You’re smart and successful.

One of your many talents is how you think and relate to the world. While you have been on the self-improvement, and perhaps spiritual, path for a while now, something unpleasant is getting your attention, and it's not going away. You struggle with feeling stressed, out of step with others, and uncertain about what's next.

For some of you, this uneasiness has been going on for most of your life, but now the inner agitation is becoming increasingly apparent and can't be ignored. For others, new life events have shaken things up.

You don't have to choose between inner peace and outer success, but the path forward is not what you expect. It's not about discipline, goal-setting, or being harsh with yourself. 

What you think is wrong with you is the key to discovering what is right with you.

You're not the problem.

Life feels hard at times, and you have already tried to fix "yourself."  Therapy helps a bit. Meds sometimes take off the edge. Exercise always feels better, but your inner unease comes back. You might have tried coaching or some self-help approaches, but setting goals and being positive is not enough. Here's why.

Three reasons you feel tired and uneasy.

First, people interact with the world in surprisingly different ways. Just like fish don’t know they are swimming in water, you probably aren’t aware of your personal way of engaging with the world nor all the other ways people interact with the world. Not knowing your strengths and blindspots makes lasting, personal change impossible to sustain.

Second, everyone has patterns and parts that get in their way. You know what I’m talking about - that familiar feeling of being triggered by certain people or situations. Past events that didn’t go well accumulate up over time, causing you to repeat the same behavior, with no end in sight. 

Finally, some things can’t be done alone. But it feels vulnerable to ask for help. After all, you’re good at getting things done, it seems that if you keep trying, you should be able to figure this out. But you haven’t, and it's time to get a different perspective.

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Deborah Donndelinger

Why trust me?

Well, I’ve walked my own journey through unease, agitaiton, and sense of being at odds with the world. Now I feel relaxed and pleased with myself, with a sense of wholeness and compassion. 

Since 2006, I've helped others in their journeys toward self-acceptance using the tools of tapping and adding on family constellations, human design, and other models of self-insight.

I'm graced with a compassionate intuition, wisdom, and the ability to see you, love you, and value you, no matter where you are in your healing journey.