Not collapsing #113

Healing yourself, loving the world

Holiday Tapping
Not collapsing #113

Originally focused on supporting ourselves on having a uniquely satisfying holiday month, we are now moving into the process of New Years, winter, and annual reflection and renewal.  The consistent goal is to honor our own energy as we interact with the larger collective energies at play.

  • When our year-in-review shows us things we aren’t satisfied with
  • Not collapsing when we don’t get what we want
  • Tapping on those things that don’t feel very good from our year-in-review

Photo by Casey Horner

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

I'm recording from Maryland, but my heart goes out all over the world. I'm cheering you on as you tackle the hard stuff, embrace the easy, and show up to help others.

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