Conspiracy theories, ongoing stress, and disgust with Trump #321

Healing yourself, loving the world

conspiracy theories,ongoing virus stress,disgust with trump
Tapping this Week
Conspiracy theories, ongoing stress, and disgust with Trump #321

Week 8 of the Pandemic

Tapping lets us feel the hard stuff without collapsing or getting all dramatic.  Spending a few minutes exploring your feelings while tapping can help you feel better faster than you expect. And there are always insights, wisdom, and compassion on the other side of the feelings. It’s not a bottomless pit.

Ongoing Stress

1:12 General tapping for how you are feeling even while you are adjusting to this new “normal.”

3:16 Emotional scan and more tapping

Conspiracy Theories

I’ve been feeling very annoyed at all the alternative theories out there that are distracting us from what needs to be done.

6:11 A great tapping on all the different motivations of people who are exposing alternative theories about the virus and government actions.

I used to be outside of the system and now I’m saying “Let’s work within it.”

  • Be flexible with our thinking
  • Look for good information sources
  • Move from “This is the rule” to “Can I trust this source?”

Strengthening your relationship to information

  • What is your relationship to people in authority and people in the scientific fields?
  • What has been your core orientation as you’ve been taking in information?
  • How powerful do you feel?
  • How informed do you feel?
  • How open are you to trusting other people’s input?
  • Can you take information in and also pay attention to your response.

The underlying motivation of love for humanity behind bucking the system.

Tapping 14:00 Noticing the places I feel scared and the places I feel love

Disgust with Trump

Yeah, I finally felt into my disgust at his handling of the pandemic. And yes, I felt better after tapping on what I was feeling.

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