Our children’s surgeries #118

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Holiday Tapping
Holiday Tapping
Our children's surgeries #118

In this podcast #18, join me as I explore our children’s past medical procedures and surgeries.  In this tapping demonstration, you can hear the tension, and later relief, in my voice as I talk and tap about an unexpected blood draw in the doctor’s office for my baby.  Aspects include:

  1. The look of shock on my child’s face.
  2. “I didn’t know enough to ask”:  the sense of being tricked by the doctor’s staff and not being informed enough ahead of time.
  3. The decisions we make so that it won’t happen again.

You can use this tapping for your past child’s medical event where there’s some residual tension or angst.  Please only listen to this podcast if you will be able to tap while listening.


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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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