Calm during the coronavirus #317

Healing yourself, loving the world

Tapping for calm during the coronavirus
Tapping this Week
Calm during the coronavirus #317
  1. Go ahead and wash your hands one more time before tapping on your face!
  2. If you are new to tapping along with audios, watch this 2-minute video first for a demo of the points.  And listen to the 7 minute audio about how to tap along with an audio.
  3. If you need a visual reminder of the points, visit this page first.

While we have the pandemic unfolding around us, we probably aren’t even noticing how stressed we are!  I invite you to spend 22 minutes on self-care, listening and tapping to this audio, tapping for calm during the coronavirus. Running away from the stress doesn’t help. But with tapping, you can name and notice what you are losing and what you are worried about without being overwhelmed.

I move through a lot of material quickly. Please do pause the audio along the way and add in a few more rounds of silent tapping as you need it.

Tapping for calm during the coronavirus pandemic

In this audio, we tap on three questions tied to the coronavirus outbreak:

  • How stressed are you feeling?
  • How resourced are you feeling?
  • What actions can you take?

We all have a different response and relationship to stress and change. Some of us move into action easily, some of us need to plan first.  Regardless, working with your stress will help you.

Once you bring down the intensity, you can notice and refine what to do next. At the end, I remind you of a few change management principles that make a difference in your mindset and daily planning.

Four things to remember during this time

  1. You will do less.
  2. Shorten your time horizon.
  3. Give yourself a break.
  4. Re-evaluate your priorities.

And yes, you will notice that I move from stressed to calm, to stressed to calm!  I apologize for how fast I talk at times – and I was trying to slow down!!!

The Points Described

The eyebrow point is located at the beginning of either eyebrow near the bridge of the nose on the orbital bone.

The side-of-the-eye point is found by following the eyebrow around to its end, near the outside of either eye, on the bone, in front of the temple.

The under-the-eye point is on the orbital bone still, directly underneath the pupil.

The nose point is under the nose, on the “mustache” area.

The chin point is between the lower lip and the chin, in the crease below the lip.

The collarbone point is just below the collarbone, one inch down and to the right or left of the notch in the throat.

The under-the-arm point is about four inches below the armpit, along the side of the body, along the imaginary bra line.

The top-of-the-head point is on the crown of the head.

For more information on how to tap, visit this introduction page.

Photo by James Ahlberg on Unsplash

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