The virus is here to stay, the pandemic is not #322

Healing yourself, loving the world

Tapping this Week
Tapping this Week
The virus is here to stay, the pandemic is not #322

The pandemic will end, but the virus isn’t going away.

In the 12th week of the pandemic, things still feel a bit unreal, and we’re all still feeling some stress.

Add in the events in the UK with Cummings and the US with the Amy Cooper video and the death of George Floyd, and it’s no wonder we’re feeling raw.

Don’t bypass your feelings by saying others have it worse.

But don’t wallow in your stuff and ignore situations where others do have it worse.

4:33 Tapping on feeling unsettled in this 12th week of the pandemic

8:13 Tapping for the grief and sadness and the people in our lives

10:50 Tapping for how surreal this all feels

We aren’t going to get through this in a few months, but we know how to be resilient.


Trevor Noah’s video:

75 ways to be anti-racist:

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Deborah Donndelinger

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