9 Ways to Feel Less Stressed During the Pandemic

Healing yourself, loving the world

This book is no longer available on Amazon.

We are all feeling stressed

We all are feeling stressed right now as the virus situation unfolds and resolves. Tapping is a self-care tool that literally takes minutes and uses the mind-body connection to address stress. If you feel too antsy for meditation or mindfulness practices, you might like tapping. It’s tapping on acupressure points on your body while tuning into the issue that’s upsetting you.

We are moving through different feelings quickly

In this short book, I share nine detailed tapping scripts that you can use to address different feelings and stressors. They follow the emotional journey I noticed during the first two months of the pandemic. The nine are:

  • A vague sense of worry
  • I’m so stressed
  • Surviving the shock
  • Angry at other people
  • Feeling alarmed in my body
  • This feels like the plague
  • Fast adapter, slow adapter, or forecaster?
  • Be “selfish” with your grieving
  • Feeling hopeful
  • We are so resilient

Tending to your emotional distress is an act of self-care.

With this book as a guide, you only need a few minutes at a time to find relief.