A joyful event

Healing yourself, loving the world

The world met you on December 5, 2012.  I had known you for a bit longer.  The first time I saw you, I literally shook with excitement, awe, and delight.  I was overcome with seeing you in physical form.  I delighted in looking at your features, your details, and the love of life you represent.

You have been birthed and now will take on a life of your own.  I’ll nurture you at the start, help point you in the right direction, and then I have to trust that I’ve done my part and you will find your place in the world.  My hope and vision for you is that others love you as much as I do and see what you have to offer them.

Thank you for showing up in my life. I am humbled to have been part of your creation.  Welcome to the world, my dear.

[I wrote this cryptic piece the day I released my first book Family Energetics. Reading it six years later, I appreciate the reminder of how much I enjoyed the process of creating and how it took on a life of its own once released.]

Photo by Benjamin Voros

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

I'm writing from Maryland, but my heart goes out all over the world. I'm cheering you on as you tackle the hard stuff, embrace the easy, and show up to help others.