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I appreciate Miriam’s words so much as she conveys what her experience was like working together.

Hi Deborah,

I wanted to put into writing how much I appreciate your tapping support, and the deep skills you bring to our tapping sessions, both in technique and ‘framework’ and in being able to hold the space.

When I first came to you I was gearing up to leave a job I had been in for 20 years, and launch something new. I was very worried about how difficult it would be to leave and how sad it would be on the last day. As you know, I have a history of goodbyes being very difficult for me. Because of the tapping I did with you, my last day with my colleagues turned out to be one of the most richly connected and beautiful days I have ever had. Thank you so much.

Your work with the ‘human design chart’ has been incredibly illuminating and freeing to me. As someone who is suspicious of anyone who says positive things about me(!), it meant that I could receive some deep acceptance around myself because it didn’t come as ‘just an opinion from someone else (who doesn’t ‘really know me’)’, it came from an ‘objective’ source (I’m still bowled over by how completely spot on it is).

You also have the knack of knowing when to offer structured tapping and when to support silent tapping on my part. I’ve never had someone so comfortable with the silences, and the deep emotion. Those moments when you were just ‘with me’ as I tapped in the middle of deep sadnesss were incredibly healing.

Thank you so much for your tapping support and for being ‘in my corner’ for me.



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