A Mother’s Day affirmative prayer

Healing yourself, loving the world

csl laurel mother's day prayerThis marvelous prayer is from Rev. Lee Blaisdell, Senior Minister at Centers for Spiritual Living, Laurel.  He shared it today at our service and I asked him if I could repost it.


We give thanks, appreciation and love for all Mothers

“We honor young mothers, giving life and counting toes, tending to their children’s every need; We know for them patience, tenderness and balance to enable them to care for their families and themselves with great joy.

We honor our own mothers and our mothers of choice, who have nurtured and cared for us; May they continue to guide in strong and gentle ways. May they feel our love, respect and admiration for the positive and lasting impact they have had and continue to have on our lives.

We honor mothers who are separated from their children because of war, poverty, conflict or death; May they know the loving presence of Spirit surrounding them, healing hearts, easing tears.

We honor women who have not born children, yet generously love and support us with maternal care, concern, and compassion. May they experience the power of giving and receiving unconditional love. May they be keenly aware of the deep gratitude being expressed and felt for them today and every day.

We honor mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, Aunts, all those no longer physically with us who live on forever in our hearts and our memories. May they be fully aware of the profound and continuous appreciation, love and respect felt for them. May they bask in eternal peace, joy, and harmony.

We honor mother earth, for her countless blessings, for supplying all of our needs. For providing us home. We revere her, we respect her, we embrace her.

To mothers here, there, and everywhere…our hearts and our souls shout out…thank you, thank you, thank you!


Do you need some help?

Working with lovely, progressive mothers is where my work first started years ago.  As an unschooling mother, I know what it’s like to make decisions based on the heart and not what the world says.  If you are struggling a bit and know you want more peace as you mother your children, read here to see if this fits.


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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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