About Deb

Healing yourself, loving the world

Ever since I was 18, I have been studying and learning about self-development, personality models, and how to understand myself and improve myself.  I’m a mother, a wife, a student, and a teacher. I had a rather unusual childhood and lived in the US, Spain, England, and Saudi Arabia as a child.

Being exposed to different cultures as a child was both challenging but also very expansive.  After earning my Masters in engineering when I was 21, I worked as an engineer, then I went into quality improvement, team facilitation and organization development before finding my way to energy psychology.

The field of energy psychology was developing rapidly when I entered it in 2004, and I was fortunate to have intimate access to skilled and adept teachers. I now have several thousand hours of client experience and am an accredited, advanced practitioner and mentor in the energy psychology field, specifically EFT.

Trained in family constellations healing, I also bring in guidance from my studies of various human development models such as Human Design, Gene Keys and the Enneagram.

I’ve had my share of bumps as a child, some unfortunate events that led to me having to do some serious work on myself.  I know what it’s like to doubt yourself, to not feel self-love, to diminish who you are.  I’ve journeyed myself through raw, ripping heartache and came out the other side to find compassion and a sense of place.

A large part of my last 20 years has been being an attachment, unschooling mom to three sensitive and unique children. In fact, I started my EFT career on an attachment mom’s forum where I blogged and helped others with EFT.  In the article called a Wake-Up Call, I write about how having my son launched me into finding my voice and intuition.

So yes, I’m gifted with intuition and when working with others, I find the right insight and words that helps bring understanding and relief. It’s an intuitive, energetic collaboration between my energy and your energy supported by the foundation of tools and methods that work.

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