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From overwhelm to alignment, powered by your intuition and tapping

You have an idea for a project, a creation, a product, something that you can feel inside of you wanting to come into physical form. But if there are too many unknowns, possibilities, or ideas, you can get stuck in the overwhelm and never make progress.

In these three modules, I’ll guide you through a combination of creative and evaluative steps to help make sense of what feels like too many ideas, all while honoring your intuition and emotional intelligence. You will be guided in some tapping exercises that help calm your nervousness and overwhelm. By the end of the third module, less than three hours of your time, you’ll be so much further along with your ideas and project that you might wonder what the fuss had been about.

You will end up with a list of what to work on that feels doable and aligned. And trust me, it’s going to be way more fun than you expected!
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Photo by D’Silva on Unsplash