“I just want to feel better”

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Language is a powerful part of tapping for many people. Finding words that express our specific unease and noticing words that bring relief are part of what makes our tapping more effective.

The set-up statement

The EFT set-up statement, the sentence used while tapping on the side of the hand points, is the one place where we name the issue *and* the relief we desire. It is important that the words feel like they fit.  I choose my words carefully and there’s a clarity, power, and intention in choosing those words. Over my years of tapping, I am finding my deliberate choice of words has an increased potency.

Notice the “Yes, buts”

If you are tapping and are saying the setup phrase and find you are adding in a quiet “Yes, but” at the end, that’s an invitation to find different words.  For example, the traditional statement is “Even though I have this issue, I deeply and completely accept myself.”   That statement can be hard for some people to really believe at first. In that case, go to an easier statement.

  • I am open to accepting myself.
  • I am open to the idea of accepting myself.

Or my current favorite default statement is:

  • “I just want to feel better”.

“I just want to feel better”

“I just want to feel better” has a refreshing freedom in it. I don’t have to know how I will feel better, but I do know it’s possible.  I can hold both things to be true right now.  I have this issue I don’t like *and* I want to feel better.

The set-up statement is about finding that “and”.

Even though I have this thing right now that hurts, I know it’s possible to feel better.  Even though I have this thing that I don’t know how to fix, I can be easy about it.  Even though I have an issue I don’t like, I’m open to help coming in ways I can’t even imagine yet.

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