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Family Energetics: A path to finding the love in our family history

Below are three Family Energetics videos (each less than five minutes) where I talk a bit about what is Family Energetics, the themes of love and family parts work, and how this work is different from Family Constellations.

Problems found in the Family Matrix can look like blocks in our lives that aren’t shifting despite our best efforts, unresolved emotions tied to family events, or other stubborn issues that haven’t shifted yet.  The Family Matrix is the system of biological family, ancestors, homelands and related events that support our energetic well-being and is a loving connection of support from the spiritual to the material plane.   Family Energetics draws on the rich tradition of Family Constellations and adds in the support and ease of EFT so that you can address these entanglements in a compassionate yet effective manner.

Part 1:  A few words about Family Energetics

Part 2:  Events we might look at in Family Energetics

Part 3: Family Energetics Includes the Wisdom of the Body


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