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A healing meditation on the 5 aspects of healthy attachment

This ten-minute video by Daniel Brown leads you through a meditation on imagining the ideal parent for you. (You can skip the ads after 4 seconds.) He takes you through the five characteristics of a healthy, securely attached parent-child relationship and invites you to imagine what’s possible for you.

If you notice that you can’t get through it the first time, stop, do some tapping and revisit it at a later date. He covers:

  • Feeling secure
  • Feeling safe and protected
  • Your ideal parent being attuned to your internal state
  • How your ideal parent responds to you when you’re upset
  • Your ideal parent feeling delighted in your very being

When I listen to it, I get all sorts of scenes in my head: a parent who smiles when she sees me, who kneels down next to me when she talks to me, who shares in my enthusiasm over everything, and who enjoys being in my presence. (As an EFNP, you might see how that works for me. For your personality style, it might be a quiet presence without talking, a gentle hug, or a soft touch on the arm.)

If it feels right for you, watch it a few times, and let me know what you noticed!

P.S. I have been doing some great work with clients on attachment and trauma unique to your personality type. If you are curious about working with me, I have a free assessment form found here.

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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