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Feisty with a tender heart and an unbreakable spirit

This past week on my personal FB page, I shared an article called “Do You Belong to One of the 5 Indigo Generations?” and had a blast as others resonated with the article.

Finding out I was an Indigo when I was about 30 was a life-changing insight for me. I remember it distinctly. I thought I’d settled down and had found my groove, so to speak. Yet I had this internal quest, a mission almost, to search, learn, and explore. One of my formative teachers, a strong woman with powerful physic abilities, Andrea Bowman, introduced me to the idea that I was Indigo. As I heard her words, I felt my life change in front of me. I was now playing on a very different field, and I had a lot of work to do.

Fast forward to this week. I’ve been doing some work with a business development program, Heart of Business; one of the tasks is to identify who do I most enjoy working with. This description of indigos of all ages, “feisty with a tender heart and an unbreakable spirit” is my answer. That’s who I am, that’s who my children are, and that is who I’m here to serve. I’m so excited to name this fractal energy. If you want to check out the article, here are two versions, both similar:

Awakening to our life’s purpose

The second inspiring insight from this article is the idea of a 7.5-year period of awakening. This idea really resonates! In discussions with friends, people clearly can name when their awakening began. Do you relate to this idea at all? Something to consider!


“Feisty with a tender heart and a [tough] unbreakable spirit” – article accessed 10/20/18 here.

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