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Healing yourself, loving the world

I do much better away from home. I thrive on being busy and interacting with others, having things to do and places to be.

Being home can be challenging for me; I get bored with the housework and find myself restless. And yet I know that if I am truly at peace with myself, then I can be at peace anywhere. I know that my distraction of busyness away from the home is a mask and that my greatest challenge is learning to find peace during the ordinary moments of life.

Because of this busyness I have in me, meditation is a great comfort for me, and I yet don’t always find the time to make it happen. However, it is the most important of all my self-care activities.

I was talking with my mentor yesterday about my feeling bogged down by the mundane. She suggested, and I’ve heard it before, to think about transforming my mundane chores into a meditative practice. By merging with the task at hand and seeing the work as an essential part of life rather than a thing to get done, I can reconnect with the calm center inside that is accessible to all of us. She really got my attention when she told me that by doing this energetic practice, I am also helping others – that I am changing the vibration of my world and that is positive for others as well.

I’m thrilled – here’s a chance to get the meditative calm I need and a way to reframe the repetitive task of housework that’s been bogging me down ….

So last night when I got home and there were dishes to be done, I was happy. I was looking forward to the chance to practice this working meditation. I paid full attention as I filled the sink, I paid full attention as I started washing one cup …. and then 10 minutes later I realized I had started thinking and planning and was totally not engaged with my task. As any person who meditates knows, when trying to get clear, it is easy to get caught up in thoughts …. and it’s about the practice, not the perfection.

Photo by George Kedenburg III

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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