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Well, many of you have heard by now that today Gary Craig announced his retirement.  You can read his announcement here:

I’m not sure what impact his retirement will have on the EFT community and I imagine some folks are concerned.

As an EFT practitioner, I will miss the site as it’s been an incredible resource of case studies and materials and I do hope it can be continued in some form.   The forums were invaluable to me as a place to meet other EFT practitioners and share information in a central place and Eric has already posted that he hopes to find a new home for them.  And I know that there already are other EFT forums around – the Ortner’s is the first that comes to mind.

The presence of Gary as the founder made it easy for folks to know whom to go to for the “official” answers.  And there comes a time when the founder passes the reins onto someone else. In this case, there is no someone else designated so the community as a whole will be sorting itself out.  There already are many respected EFT leaders and I’ll be watching carefully to see who are the resources to connect with.

I know that EFT practitioners will continue to be outstanding leaders and role models in how they teach and share EFT and I hold the vision that the transfer of EFT to the public domain is received with the utmost respect, love, and commitment to a higher purpose by everyone.

Here’s a lovely post by Gene M on his site about what he’s learned from Gary.

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