Those goals, plans, and resolutions

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It’s a funny thing those goals, plans, and resolutions ….

I was clearing off my bulletin board a few weeks ago.  On the board, I had put notes at the start of 2014 with areas to look at for the year, specific things I thought I wanted to do, and vaguer intuitive desires about 2014.   I had notes like:

  • Write blog weekly
  • Publish ezine monthly
  • Develop class on intuition
  • Do video series for Family Energetics
  • Get better at acutes in homeopathy for my family
  • Be able to do kettlebell sets of 75x
  • Teach workshop
  • Get better with money

These notes weren’t all specific tasks necessarily; some were reoccurring ideas that I wasn’t sure what to do with.    With my human design, I am aware that I can feel a lot of mental pressure but that I don’t have to follow everything I think. Likewise, I will feel pressure to commit to a routine or business practices but this pressure is rarely mine to follow.  The very simple act of writing down these “pressing” ideas gives me space to then follow my energy and intuition.

Something wonderful was happening with those goals, plans, and resolutions

So while I’ve long learned that not every idea is mine to follow and that making promises to myself isn’t the way I’m designed to operate, I hadn’t fully developed an appreciation for how I do operate.  But this time, I saw something quite wonderful when I looked at my 2014 “goals, plans, and resolutions”.    Over the year,

  • I got things done that were satisfying.
  • Things turned out better than I expected.
  • My intuitive vague desires actually were quite helpful.

Trusting myself and the universe feels good

What’s also fun to notice is how I feel as I look at these notes.  I feel quite satisfied at the things I did accomplish, without any forced effort or “pushing” energy. I’m intrigued at the areas where I took an unexpected turn, but the path was even better than I expected. I can feel the areas that feel complete and the areas that are still calling me.  I feel a sense of curiosity, expansion, and trust that flow through my notes.  A very good way to start 2015 and my upcoming 49th year of being alive.

I hope everyone reading this feels their own version of freedom, expansion, and curiosity.

P.S. About human design

As you can tell, learning about my human design chart over 8 years ago has helped me appreciate and accept myself more.  Likewise, when I work with clients on their charts, I offer information that’s helpful, relevant and supportive of who they are.  It can be a liberating discovery to look at our charts.  😉

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