1. Jovian Archive, home of Ra Uru Hu, the original messenger of Human Design.
  2. Zen Human Design, one of my teachers. She has some very unique perspectives about human design. She trained originally with Ra and then they went separate ways. I appreciate her center-based approach and from her learned to not use type.
  3. Kim Gould’s Article on not using type
  4. A nice description of the nine centers and what it means to be defined or open. 
  5. Informative description of centers 
  6. Auras 
  7. Human Design America: Official site of Human Design, free articles as well as paid products.
  8. Short description of profiles 
  9. Projectors Strategy:   Description of difference in strategies of waiting for invitation and responding.
  10. Gates: I recently found a great post by Kim Gould on understanding gates in Human Design.  She lays out well some foundations, some resources, and the idea that our understanding of the gates will change over time and with different authors.  https://www.loveyourdesign.com/gates/

Photo by Chris Lawton