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Several years ago I did an experiment where I grew two pots of seeds, one nourished with tap water and one “mal-nourished” with microwaved water.  My purpose was to prove to my husband that microwaves are bad. I knew they were bad at the time.  And sure enough, the seed grown with microwaved water looked horrible.  You can easily find other such pictures on the web.  The trouble with my experiment is that I knew which plant was getting which water and I knew what I wanted to prove.

Since then I have become much more aware of intention.  I loved Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto even if some of Emoto’s work has since been criticized for similar reasons as what I mention above.[i]

I am now doing a new experiment.

Four pots of seeds, four types of water.

  1. Tap water.
  2. Tap water, held with love.
  3. Microwaved water.
  4. Microwaved water, held with love.

I do not know which glass of water holds which water.  I have the key in the envelope pictured and I used another person who did not know which water was which to assign the code.  I used a third person to assign each water to each pot.  Each pot has three seeds in it. Actually, I’m using beans.  I hope they grow.  🙂

There are probably some other variables I could control better, but I’m not too worried.  The microwaved water was microwaved for one minute.  The tap water was from the hot water tank so they were similar temperatures.  The two water samples assigned “held with love” were held by me smiling and sending them love and really good vibes.

I hope to prove that the microwaved water held with love does as well as or better than the tap water.  I will let you know.

Photo by Ignacio Aguilar

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