The light in the holidays

Healing yourself, loving the world

As we stop and look beneath the holiday hustle and bustle, we can notice some powerful energies and desires at work during this time of year.  The cycles of nature and trajectories of the planets give us the space to pause, reflect, embrace, and delight, if we pause and notice what’s happening underneath.

  • For some of us, we might notice a deep appreciation of who and what’s happening in our lives. We feel content with the lives we have created, delighting in the people around us and the beauty we see and create.
  • For some of us, we might feel a sense of longing and displacement. We aren’t quite feeling content, but we know what is possible.
  • And for some of us, we feel grief and loss as we are navigating a place that feels dark and alone.

Wherever we are in this continuum, notice the call for two things:

Nourishing a sense of love of self and nourishing a sense of love of life.

Nourishing the light in ourselves

There is a powerful light and deepening desire within each of us. We can be nourished by noticing how we feel, reaching out to others, connecting with beauty in whatever form that takes, and feeling held by the universe. We are nourishing ourselves when we notice what we desire while giving ourselves a break for being where we are. We are nourishing ourselves when we feel into our hearts and feel the deep, expansive space that’s possible there. We are nourishing ourselves when we take a deep breath and let it out.

Nourishing the light in others

It’s easy to be delighted by the smile of children at Christmas time. They are very much in alignment with giving and receiving and feeling connected.   I think it’s easy to see the delight of many folks during the holiday season; for some reason, we are all a little bit more open to being vulnerable and sharing our hearts. What if every interaction with every person is a chance to see their inner being and love shining through? That would be a yummy holiday season indeed!

I wish you all a graceful and leisurely holiday season. Perhaps as we see the lights on the trees, we can be reminded of the lights inside each of us.

Photo by Jamie Davies
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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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