Your creative energy #231

Healing yourself, loving the world

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Tapping this Week
Your creative energy #231

Making space for our inward, creative energy.

Here is a chance to notice more:

  • Is your energy going outward or coming inward?
  • Is your energy about yourself or is it about the group?
  • Is the world demanding outward energy when you’re in an inward cycle?

Our energy can be affected by how the type of circuity in our human design charts, our connection to the lunar cycle, and if female, the tie to our menstrual cycle.  We all have a flow of inward and outward energy, just like the tides.

To learn about your human design chart, visit here.

Would you like to listen and tap along with me?

Photo by Brianda Maldonado

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

I'm recording from Maryland, but my heart goes out all over the world. I'm cheering you on as you tackle the hard stuff, embrace the easy, and show up to help others.

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