Shining your light #241

Healing yourself, loving the world

shining your light poppies in sunlight field
Tapping this Week
Shining your light #241

This podcast includes

  • The Enneagram 3 gift of knowing our brilliance
  • Three stages of our connection to our heart-light
  • How does it feel to consider your heart-light beaming into the world?
  • What’s your image of your heart-light beaming into the world around you?
  • A few rounds of tapping on our connection to our heart space and how we connect to others
  • Strengthening our heart signal means we aren’t affected as much by the messiness around us.


Photo by corina ardeleanu

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

I'm recording from Maryland, but my heart goes out all over the world. I'm cheering you on as you tackle the hard stuff, embrace the easy, and show up to help others.

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