Talking and tapping about tapping #326

Healing yourself, loving the world

Tapping this Week
Tapping this Week
Talking and tapping about tapping #326

Mary’s water phobia and the invention of TFT

The creation story of TFT (thought field therapy) – the precursor to tapping also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Roger Callahan’s Book – Tapping the Healer Within: Using Thought-Field Therapy to Instantly Conquer Your Fears, Anxieties, and Emotional Distress

It’s okay to stay on one point if that brings you relief.

What to say on the setup point

The affirmative part of the setup statement needs to be something you believe in. The set-up statement – varying the language on the side of the hand points.

  • I deeply and completely accept myself
  • I deeply and completely accept myself anyways.
  • I am open to the idea of accepting myself
  • I just want to feel better
  • I am open to trusting myself

Being ourselves

  • Being around people wired the way we are can be very relaxing.

7:00 tapping

  • How comfortable do you feel with who you are and your place in the world?

The way you are wired

  • MBTI
  • Enneagram type
  • Human Design

Are you okay with who you are?

How receptive is the world to you?

When it feels bad, we can blame ourselves, blame the other people, or perhaps there’s a third choice.

11:00 tapping

  • Blaming ourselves for being ourselves

Run your human design chart at jovian

  • Identity center = diamond in the middle of the heart
  • White = undefined
  • Yellow = defined
  • More information – download my five page booklet here.



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