Ten tips to get started tapping #310

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Tapping this Week
Tapping this Week
Ten tips to get started tapping #310

Your individual wiring affects how you tap and how you get can best get results with tapping. Here are ten tips to get started tapping that respect your different ways of interacting with the world.

  1. Know the physical location of the points. Click here if you don’t.
  2. For some people, finding what to say is a deeply personal, internal experience, and they need to come up with the words themselves.
  3. For some people, hearing other words modeled is helpful.
  4. One way to tap is to write down events from your past, rate the intensity for each event, and tap for one event at a time, using words that evoke the specifics of the memory.
  5. Another way is tap is to notice how you feel physically in the moment and in the body as you are upset. Tap using words that describe your physical sensations.
  6. Tap along with other people’s work, like my podcasts.
  7. Tap along with a friend’s help and input.
  8. Draw a picture, tap on what you notice, redraw the image.  This is my favorite way to tap by myself.  Click here for more information.
  9. Customize the set-up phrase language for you. It must ring true for you. For a more detailed post on this, visit this blog post.
  10. Not mentioned in the podcast, but sort of obvious, work with a practitioner like me to get results.

Personality Profiling

The profiler training I mention that I attended is run by PersonalityHacker. They have a ton of resources on finding your type, with fascinating podcasts and insights. I’m going through their certification program right now. If you’re curious about your type, do check them out.

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