Tapping through drawing

Healing yourself, loving the world

I first learned about picture tapping from Jondi Whitis at the Spring Energy Event several years ago.  I will be meeting the creators Christine Sutton and Philip Davis next year at the York Gathering and thought it time I give it a try.

Drawings tell us so much

I’ve done some powerful pieces of inner work based on drawing.  I attended a one-week self-differentiation intensive up in Bethel Maine in the ’90s.  This one week intensive all started with one drawing that contained many gems and surprises.  A simple drawing can reveal so much of what’s under the surface. We can tune more deeply into the specific feelings and energy without needing words.   Until this week though, I’ve never personally combined it with tapping.

Feeling “tapped” out

Sometimes I feel tapped out.  There are no words, ideas or stories to tap on, however there’s still an itch, a sense of unease. Here’s what happened when I sat down some brown packing paper and markers and let the story emerge …

The starting point

Picture Tapping

I thought this first drawing was just showing how sad I felt. But notice how small the heart is and the sense of loneliness and nothingness. So much shows up with a few pen strokes ….

What I noticed is that looking at the drawing brought up strong feelings that were very accessible to tap on. As I tapped, new images came to mind. I ended up with five drawings and the whole process took only 15 minutes or so.

The ending point

Picture Tapping

The final image took up more of the page and, for me, conveys such a feeling of hope and expansion.  I won’t share the interim drawings as they are quite personal, but you can see for yourself the change. And how’s that for testing – I can publicly and calmly post the first image that yesterday had me in tears.

With appreciation

Many thanks to Jondi, Christine, and Philip for showing me this work.   Christine and Philip have lots of information on their sites about this.

And a special thanks for the generosity of all the presenters and speakers who share their work with us.   Jondi’s Spring Energy Event in the US always has some fascinating speakers as does Gwyneth Moss’ EFT Gathering in England.

Photo by Kenny Luo
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