Programs and Products

Healing yourself, loving the world

You might not have the need, or resources, to work on with me individually, but you can still get relief.

Here are a variety of products that help you calm the overwhelm, address the unprocessed feelings, and develop your emotional resilience.

9 Ways To Feel Less Stressed

During the pandemic, 9 tapping exercises. Book.

We all are feeling stressed right now as the virus situation unfolds and resolves. In this short book, I share nine detailed tapping scripts that you can use to address different feelings and stressors. Tending to your emotional distress is an act of self-care. With this book as a guide, you only need a few minutes at a time to find relief.

Getting It Done

From overwhelm to action in less than three hours. Online course.

You have the beginning ideas of a new project, but something is slowing you down. It might be that you don’t know where to start, or that you have too many ideas. Or it might be that some of your ideas aren’t doable. You can get to a place of clarity and organization in about two hours with this online course. 

Family Energetics

The original synthesis of family constellations and EFT. Paperback and kindle.

You’ve done your personal work, but still feel stuck in some areas of your life. Perhaps a relationship that just doesn’t feel right, lack of progress in your work, or a general sense of unease with who you are. Sometimes the solution isn’t found in your life, it’s in the lives of your ancestors.

Just for Today, A Year Around the Sun

Staying grounded throughout the year. Book.

Some days you feel like the world is a mess. Other days you feel wise and grounded. How can you fluctuate so much? Understanding the archetypal energies that we experience through the year, combined with insightful tapping, will help you develop your emotional and inner resilience. 

EFT for Weight Management

An online clinically researched course using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for weight management from Dr. Peta Stapleton and Glenn Mackintosh.

You struggle with your weight and know it’s a multi-faceted issue. This online course helps you address cravings, habits, thought structures, and more. 

Photo by Kalen Emsley