Just for Today

Healing yourself, loving the world

You’re happy with who you are

You’ve done your work. You have a good heart and a good attitude, and now you want to explore wider and deeper.

The world gives you pause

You notice the discord in the world around you and wonder what’s going on. You sometimes notice flashes of old energy in yourself. You’re committed to doing your work on a deeper level so you can contribute to the larger picture out of love and light.

Let the Sun guide you

The I Ching is an ancient system built on 64 archetypes of human energy. Human Design ties those archetypes into the cycles of the planets and the sun. Gene Keys teaches that these archetypes carry both a shadow and a gift.

Tapping for a year

Every five days, the energy shifts from one archetype to the next.  I spent two years reading the I Ching, The Rave, and Gene Key, contemplating the energies and themes, tapping on what I intuited, and turning it into a book for you.

Just for Today, A Year Around the Sun

Out of this time came the book, Just for Today, A Year Around the Sun with 183 tapping exercises, built on the 64 archetypes and other models of wisdom like the Enneagram, parts work, and child development models.

The intention

I had several intentions for this work. I envision it helping you:

  • Stay grounded with the regular use of tapping, a self-care tool.
  • Get new insights about archetypal energies that affect us all.
  • See the hope in the chaos around you.
  • Contribute to the positive collection quickening underway.

There is value in everything

One of the underlying themes of my work and spiritual foundation is that there is value in everything, even what we do not like. This book is an invitation to gently peek beneath a few metaphorical rocks that have not been touched in a while, celebrating what you find once the dirt has been dusted away. I hope this book contributes to your more deeply valuing yourself, seeing your gifts, and allowing your unique genius to express itself.


Available on Amazon in paperback $27 and Kindle $9.99.

Photo by Ian Baldwin