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I was at a mall a few weeks ago exchanging a gift in an expensive store located near other more expensive stores.  Walking through this section of the mall, I noticed women dressed quite elegantly, looking very put-together, and I felt a bit envious and uneasy.

I commented to my daughter that one day I would dress nicer.  She chastised me a bit and then said enthusiastically, “But Mom you could dress well now!”

I sputtered a bit on my words while protesting that it took money and time and ….

And I realized that she was right.  I could dress nicer but I really don’t want to spend the time or money or energy.

Back at home with my husband I was commenting how I don’t like the mall because I see all these nice things I can’t afford to buy.  He chastised me a bit and then said enthusiastically, “But Deborah you could if you went back to work full-time, outside of the home.”

I sputtered my words while protesting that that decision would take me away from the children and dogs and home and we couldn’t unschool and travel and ….

Until I realized that he was right.  I could have more money for nicer things, but I honestly don’t value nicer things over family time and our other interests.

What choices have you made that you were undervaluing?

What choices have you made that you were undervaluing?  Or feeling like a victim?  Or feeling powerless?  Reclaiming our choices is incredibly empowering and paves the way for where we want to go now and next.  Look at a choice about which you have felt resentment or powerless.  It’s okay if the consequences and ‘”price” of that choice were higher and different than you expected.  Connect to the original desire, draw, and reason for your choice.

What choices did your family make that you were undervaluing?

Similarly, we might not be noticing or valuing how our parents, grandparents and other ancestors made choices.  I facilitated a powerful Family Energetics session this week where the theme of choice was clear.  There is power and relief in seeing the choices that were made in the circumstances that existed.  You don’t have to make the same choices but being able to see and honor those ancestral choices is paramount to your reclaiming your power in your choices, past, present, and current.

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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