Reconnect with your enthusiasm

Healing yourself, loving the world

Excited anticipation or just-get-it-done impatience?

Remember what it was like as a child waiting for the holidays? Some of us felt delightful enthusiasm, excited for what was coming, falling asleep on Christmas Eve, or another Eve, wondering what surprises would be there the next day. Others of us were in more challenging situations. You tentatively waited to see what mood the adults would be in, knowing that they would either make your day miserable or tolerable.

Healing ourselves includes reconnecting to the state of timeless patience. Below is an adapted excerpt from A Year Around the Sun. I invite you to spend 15 minutes today considering your relationship to the states of patience and impatience.

Savor the energy of patience

Today, I invite you into the relaxed, timeless space of patience. Some of us are far more acquainted with impatience than patience. Notice how the state of patience feels to you. Contrast that with the feeling of impatience. How do they both feel?

Remember the first time you felt that jarring feeling of impatience. Jot down a few lines about that first time, and let’s do some tapping. I’ve given you some prompts below for the story and also tapping.

  • The first time I felt impatient, this is what was happening around me:
  • The first time I felt impatient, I was this age:
  • The first time I felt impatient, I felt the need to get this done:
  • The first time I felt impatient, the adults were:
  • And all I wanted to do was:


While tapping on the side-of-the-hand points, say:

  • As I remember feeling impatient, I deeply and completely accepting myself.
  • As I remember feeling impatient when [your story], I deeply and completely accept myself.
  • As I remember feeling impatient and as if there was not enough time, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Tap three rounds on the points, using the following phrases:

  • Feeling impatient
  • Impatiently waiting
  • The jarring energy of impatience

Recall your story, step by step, as you tap.

Do you have your copy of Just for Today, A Year Around the Sun?

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