The Archetypes

Healing yourself, loving the world

64 Archetypes

64 archetypes of the human experience inform us, affect us and reflect our human potential.  We each convey into the world a particular intelligence base on our unique configuration of these archetypes.

The genesis of these archetypes is the I Ching, of which many books and interpretations are offered.  Human Design interpreted these energies and integrated them into a system of bodygraphs, relating each of the 64 to both the positions of the planets and also nine centers tied to various energetic centers of our bodies.  Gene Keys developed these ideas even further, with a rich accounting and insight into the evolutionary potential contained within these archetypes, pointing us to the shadow, the gift and the Siddhi of each energy.

  • In the I Ching, the archetypes are called hexagrams.
  • In Human Design, the archetypes are called gates.
  • In Gene Keys, they are called Gene Keys.

I call them archetypes to give credit to all three systems of intelligence.  Plus, it’s a bit unwieldy to say hexagrams/gates/gene keys everytime I want to mention one.

I reference these archetypes in my weekly podcast as well in the book Just for Today.