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Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, used the word “persistent” quite a bit when teaching and writing about EFT.  In his manual, he uses the word persistent 21 times.  He consistently advised folks to get to zero intensity when tapping.  Often folks will get to a one or two and stop there.

Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Thinking it doesn’t matter
  • Thinking it will be too hard
  • Thinking the results already gotten are amazing
  • Thinking we have to settle for less
  • No trusting that EFT will get us to zero

The last few levels of SUDS often point to new aspects

Gary mentions this in his manual in Case History #1: Fear of Public Speaking:

This was much less than the 10 she usually felt but, obviously, there was still some left. This is prime evidence that some new aspect of her fear was emerging that wasn’t present in her thinking during the break.

I have noticed this recently with several of my clients.  After working on an issue for a few rounds, we dropped the intensity from nine or ten to one or two. Sometimes I’m guilty of leaving it there, but we decided to be persistent.  Tapping on the remaining issue and getting to zero results in some surprises:  a whole new aspect would arise during the tapping that offered significant more relief.

There is a lot of intensity and insight in those last one or two points of SUDS.

Floor to ceiling eye roll

Floor to Ceiling EyeRoll is a tool taught in the EFT manual but often overlooked, the floor to ceiling eye roll is suggested for clearing those last few points of intensity. The eyeroll is done while tapping the gamut point and while repeating your reminder, look down straight at the floor and slowly raise the eyes to the ceiling while holding the head still. This is a great way to clear those last few points of intensity.

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