How do we change?

Healing yourself, loving the world

There are several predictable stages when we successfully decide to make a change in our lives.  They might not be deliberate nor obvious nor linear.

  1. Become aware that something is not working for us or that we want something to be different.
  2. Assessing if we know how to change it alone or if we need help.   This can be a stopping point for folks if they don’t know how to make changes, what info they need, or if they have tried before without success.
  3. Assess and investigate outside resources. We do this in different ways.  We might read a book, talk to friends, research online.  We basically are looking for the resources to make the change.
  4. And then there is an ongoing mysterious inner process of deciding to take the next step.

This decision is impacted by

  • If we think we can succeed.
  • Not knowing what to do.
  • Seeing others make similar changes.
  • Feeling like we have the resources, time, money, and energy to do this now.
  • Divine timing and that mysterious connection to our inner selves, to our part in the universe. and universal love.

If you look at a successful change in your life, can you relate to these steps? If you look at an unsuccessful change in your life, can you see where you got stuck?

This whole post leads me to the idea that as we do our spiritual practices in whatever form they are, we indeed can bring change into our life without pain being the driving motivation. Beautiful indeed …..

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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