The Journey

Healing yourself, loving the world

Lasting, personal change needs three aspects.

Understanding yourself and the way forward.

You see and interact with the world differently than the average person. Understanding your motivations and blindspots, what energizes and limits you, and your developmental path forward is foundational to feeling better. Using the latest research from the Enneagram, I guide you with customized insights about what you need to let go of and what you need to start doing. Very often, what you think is wrong with you is actually what is right with you.

Changing your patterns by fixing the root cause.

Patterns develop over time from situations where you had an emotional response or reaction and felt alone, misunderstood, or scared. These stuck emotional patterns are rooted in the body and the nervous system. Gentle yet effective somatic energy-psychology approaches like Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping or EFT) supported by Internal Family Systems parts work (IFS) transform and release these patterns entirely. Sometimes, this work takes time as there are intertwined layers, but you no longer have to react the same way.

Having a person.

Having someone to listen without judgment to what’s being said and unsaid, guide you through vulnerable situations safely and effectively,  and ask the right questions -- all based on what’s right with you, not what’s wrong with you.

You have your own wisdom and insight … I have mine. Together we blend our experience, tools and intuition to discover exactly what you need.

It feels good to get help.

In a client's words

Here is what a very dear client shared when I asked for her input on what she appreciates about our work together. Judy is a smart, caring person with a strong sense of discernment, insight and life experience. Her words touch me dearly, and also paint a picture of what I bring to my work with clients.

I've had the opportunity to work with Deborah over several years, with both EFT and Human Design. Right from the start, I noticed and appreciated her willingness and ability to meet me where I am. That, for me, was a trust builder. She weaves her wisdom into each session seamlessly, serving me and my needs. She is always professional and competent, and I can always feel she cares. She has a lightness and sense of humor that lifts me up during times that are more challenging for me. I always feel that she wants the best for me, and the work together always helps me. I appreciate the work we did and recommend her highly. 

What's possible for you?

When you understand how you engage with the world, what energizes you, and what limits you, you can move forward with ease and a light touch. You know when to lean on others and when to stand alone. You appreciate and trust yourself more. You know what you need. Your unease turns into a sense of relaxation and acceptance. You shine and share your unique brilliance with the world. That’s what is possible when you do this work.

Next Steps

Most clients intuitively know they want to work with me. To get started, fill out an assessment which will let you set up an exploratory call. The wait time to get started with me is about a month. Two steps you can do now is to take my recommended Enneagram assessment at CP Enneagram Academy and review the steps of tapping.

Complete confidential assessment form.

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