The mystery, binds, and insights of transits

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Have you noticed?

Have you ever noticed how variable your energy is week to week? That some days you feel aligned and insightful, while other days you feel pressured or combative? And these themes extend to the years as well – some years you are energized and outward-focused, and other years you don’t have any outward movement at all?

Where does that energy come from and where does it go? Well, obviously there are many factors to our cycles, but one that I have found helpful and illuminating is the idea of transits and the 64 archetypes found in Human Design and the Gene Keys.

We have three relationships to these 64 archetypes

  1. We have some of them in our energetic make-up, and we live their lessons and purpose during our lifetime.
  2. We are affected by these archetypes as they are transited by planets. We can use their energy, albeit inconsistently, several times during the year.
  3. We have annual themes we live out that change each birthday.

Sometimes when I’m feeling off, I’ll check the daily transit and realize that I’m feeling the energy of the transits. Feeling the energy of the transits can look like feeling more opinionated than usual, feeling more rushed, feeling more anxious, feeling more disciplined, etc. Or it can look like having insights into things that you don’t normally think about. It all depends on your energetic make-up and what affects you.

Three things to know about transits

  1. We can get insights into energy that we normally don’t have access to.
  2. We won’t sustain the energy.
  3. We can make be less attached to others being affected by the transits.

Three ways to see what the energy theme is today

  1. The free app has the transits.
  2. Lots of HD folks online post about them. My favorites change over the years.
  3. has info on the transits.

And no matter the energy around you here’s to more wisdom, compassion, and relief as you move through your days!

All the best,


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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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