The tapping points

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The Points Described

The side-0f-the-hand point is the pinkie side edge of the hand.

The eyebrow point is located at the beginning of either eyebrow near the bridge of the nose on the orbital bone.

The side-of-the-eye point is found by following the eyebrow around to its end, near the outside of either eye, on the bone, in front of the temple.

The under-the-eye point is on the orbital bone still, directly underneath the pupil.

The nose point is under the nose, on the “mustache” area.

The chin point is between the lower lip and the chin, in the crease below the lip.

The collarbone point is just below the collarbone, one inch down and to the right or left of the notch in the throat.

The under-the-arm point is about four inches below the armpit, along the side of the body, along the imaginary bra line.

The top-of-the-head point is on the crown of the head.















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