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The second level found in spiral dynamics is about belonging. Belonging is a powerful theme to consider as you enter into the holiday season. You have a deep need to belong; how much of your suffering comes from feeling you don’t fit in? As you embrace or reject long-standing family traditions, you are working with this core need of belonging.

Likewise, when you reach out to others with compassion and include them, you are offering a sense of connection that can touch them on a deep level.

Dr. Simmon’s talk on the second level has several heart-touching examples of this compassion.  She also reminds us of several key principles:

  • We can change.
  • There’s a new worldview unfolding, and we are the ones to usher that in.

Listen to her talk here:

Note: when she mentions the Q-Process, substitute the words tapping.  Both are tools to work with your wounded parts and bring relief.


Spiral dynamics is a theory of social development, also mapping to our individual development, that provides a powerful perspective and roadmap for our growth. Spiral lays out eight levels of growth and development. If you search online, you’ll find an array of information, some of it a bit dense.  Rev. Dr. Jane Simmons, q-process co-creator and Unity minister, led a series of talks on the eight levels of spiral that are quite good at conveying the essence of each level with some actionable insights.  Thanks to Rev. Sunday Coté for letting me know about them.


This is the third in a series of posts on the subject of spiral dynamics.  Find the whole series here.

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