Why caring isn’t enough

Healing yourself, loving the world

I care. That’s a worldview that many of you relate to. You care about the environment, social issues, racial inequalities, war, peace, and making a difference. Welcome to the most interesting level of spiral dynamics, green. Green is a collaborative, cooperative worldview that brings in the quality of caring. It’s a relief after the orange level of self-determination because green brings a balance to the previous level of achievement and materialism.

However, there’s a blindside to this green level, several actually. One is scathing judgment and exclusion of anyone who has a different value system. Do you see the irony here? We’ve turned towards our hearts and a more holistic view, but we judge and reject people who haven’t caught up with us.

The other downside is that heart-based intelligence doesn’t give us the skills we need. Caring doesn’t equal competence. We need our trauma surgeons to be competent with a scalpel; we need our farmers to know how to grow food; we need truck drivers to safely and effectively transport goods.

Once we realize that there are valuable aspects from orange, and indeed all the levels, we can move to a more integral point of view.

Here is the talk by Dr. Simmons that explains this level. She refers to the Q-process, an approach for working with the shadow aspects of ourselves.

  • 5th level, Rev. Dr. Jane Simmons, “Boomeritis,” June 3, 2018. Unity of Spokane (28 minutes long)

Read More About Green

  • http://spiraldynamicsintegral.nl/en/green/


This is the sixth in a series of posts on the subject of spiral dynamics.  Find the whole series here.

Spiral dynamics is a model of social values and growth that also maps to our individual development. It’s a helpful tool to support your development as well as a way to better understand the world around you. The model contains eight levels, each assigned a color, and representing a specific world-view and developmental need.

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