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Dr. Simmons calls the third level of development “I matter” or “I have power”. This stage of ego development points to one of the most important aspects of integral theory and spiral dynamics.

  1. Every level of development is an expansion of the previous level. We need to understand the positive value of each level and see how it contributed/s to development.
  2. Every level has its limits. Once we reach the limit of this level, are we willing to do the work to move forward?  Or are our wounds going to keep us stuck?

The red level, the warrior level, is often vilified and feared among people who come from a different worldview.  But the individual courage the red level shows is a much-needed aspect.  This energy is the willingness to buck the trend, leave the group, and do what’s needed. Where it becomes unbalanced is when fear and wounds run the show.  We can just look at some of our politicians and divisions to see this in action.

She mentions the Q-Process; those of us doing our work with EFT are doing the same work.  In fact, tapping is one of the most effective ways to do shadow work.


Spiral dynamics is a theory of social development, also mapping to our individual development, that provides a powerful perspective and roadmap for our growth. Spiral lays out eight levels of growth and development. Rev. Dr. Jane Simmons, q-process co-creator and Unity minister, led a series of talks on the eight levels of spiral that are quite good at conveying the essence of each level with some actionable insights. Thanks to Rev. Sunday Coté for letting me know about them.


This is the fourth in a series of posts on the subject of spiral dynamics.  Find the whole series here.

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