Understand yourself with Human Design

Healing yourself, loving the world

We are each so different in our make-up

And society wants us to think we are all the same.  Understanding the different ways of being, the different types of energy, and where our solid ground is can be a huge relief.

You have a unique way of being in the world, more unique than you might imagine. Your human design chart is a map to your make-up and can give you valuable insights on what makes you satisfied, effective, and successful.

Did you know?

  • Some of us decide in the moment.
  • Some of us need to sleep on our decisions.
  • Some of us aren’t meant to be asked.
  • And others of us need time, space, and recognition to talk things out?

The map

Human Design gives us the roadmap of our internal energetic design so that we can make decisions authentically rather than unconsciously reacting to the external world.  It helps you understand why you are the way you are, what your strengths are, what your vulnerabilities are, and what strategies are and are not helpful to you.

What people say when they see their chart

“I understand now that I’m not going crazy!”

That’s how a recent client described what it felt like to understand her human design. She came to me for EFT work but it quickly became clear to me that knowing about her design would help her navigate the changes she was looking to make.

“I’m having so much fun now!”

A mom of three who wants a better relationship with her children learns about her children’s design types and makes radical changes in how she relates to them. EFT helps her release the frustration she’s experienced from not understanding this and address the hurt she has felt herself.

Design helps us parent and relate to others better

With an understanding of our design, we can better understand the energy patterns of ourselves and others, how we are defined and influence others, and where we are open to the influence of others.   We all have different ways of using our energy and knowing our design can be life-changing.

Your work with the ‘human design chart’ has been incredibly freeing to me. As someone who is suspicious of anyone who says positive things about me, it meant that I could receive some deep acceptance around myself because it didn’t come as ‘just an opinion from someone else’, it came from an ‘objective’ source. I’m still bowled over by how completely spot on it is. ~ Miriam

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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