Using structure to tap better

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Here are the steps to use a fishbone diagram to help with tapping.  See also this post.

Draw the diagram

  1. Draw fishbone, putting your or the client’s issue in the effect box.
  2. Place the headings on each bone.
  3. Brainstorm all your questions and intuitive nudges for each heading.


  1. Look at the whole picture.
  2. What do you notice, what do you feel?
  3. Look for gaps, too much detail, and where you feel tension.
  4. Identify three question areas.


  1. Make a list of four possible things you can do differently for each question area just to get you thinking differently.

Discerning action

  1. Sleep on it all and then see what next step and changes feel most aligned and impactful. Choose three or four total.

Questions for each “bone”

The tapping process

  1. What about the EFT process is affecting, limiting, or contributing to our results?


  1. Who are/were the people involved?
  2. Who is impacting the client?

Authority figures and circumstances

  1. Who has power related to the issue and progress?
  2. Are there limiting outside circumstances affecting things?

Fears, themes, and limiting beliefs

  1. Identified directly.
  2. Identified indirectly.


  1. What elements in the environment play a role in the your client’s progress?
  2. What places were involved?
  3. Sustaining causes?

Specific events

  1. What specific events have we tapped on specifically?
  2. What’s missing?
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