What is Family Energetics?

Healing yourself, loving the world

Our hearts long to belong.  We want to know that we have value and we come from a family that has value.  However, how do we love and accept our ourselves and our family when we see a history of abuse? Or a history of cancer? Or a history of mental illness? Or lost babies?  Or multiple divorces?  Or addictions …..?

The answer is deceptively simple:  Find where the flow of love has gotten blocked within the family line.  Find it, see it, feel it, and heal it. There is an entire field of work called Family Constellations that does precisely this.  And I have discovered that there is a delightful synergy when we combine EFT and Family Constellations.

I love tapping.  I love the relief it brings.  I love the skillful use of intuition to find what to tap on.  Family Energetics is a method that shows us what else can be tapped on to solve our stubborn problems.

The premise is the same as Gary Craig’s for EFT but at the family level.

The cause of negative emotions is a block in the FAMILY’s energy system.

There is a way to bring radical change to your life by seeing and clearing and realigning your past.  Family Energetics is the unique blending of Family Constellations and EFT into a loving and effective approach to unraveling family entanglements.  Issues or patterns that don’t change over time with the use of EFT or other coaching approaches might benefit from using a new approach.  A tool that takes a wider perspective and shows us previously unseen solutions.

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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