When EFT isn’t enough

Healing yourself, loving the world

I love EFT.  I love how we can make significant changes using a whole new paradigm that is really mind-boggling with both its potential and results.

Do you remember the first time you used EFT and felt the emotion fade from your body and the expansive feeling and thoughts move in?  It’s truly an awesome tool.

And sometimes EFT isn’t enough.

Sometimes we need to understand that being our unique sensitive selves is NOT the problem.  That our intuition and empath abilities are not to blame for other’s misfortunes.  We need to understand that some of us are designed to provoke others with our energy and stand up for the underdog.  Some of us are meant to see the big picture and the inadequacies of the social systems that are failing us.  And some of us are meant to focus on our own individual journey with blinders on, ignoring the turmoil around us.

And on the other side of the equation, sometimes the issue has nothing to do with who we are as individuals and in fact, the solution is found in the family matrix.  This is where we look at untangling blocked energy, and love, further back in the family system.  I had two sessions this week with clients where the insights from sensing into the issues from a Family Matrix perspective brought significant relief.

So how do you start to do this?

I’m in the finishing stages of my book on Family Energetics so you’ll soon have a tool to look at this yourself.  (Yay!)  And until then, you can use a generic tapping script that might look like:

Even though this issue is larger than I am, I love and accept both myself and the system I come from.

Even though this issue feels very stubborn and stuck, I love and accept myself and I am open to seeing the love that’s keeping the issue stuck.

Even though I don’t understand, I acknowledge the pain I’m in and my desire for relief.

Move through the points while saying the following phrases:

This issue that is larger than I am.

I am open to seeing the love that’s beneath the blocked energy.

I am open to receiving love and releasing the rest.

With a bow of the head, acknowledge the existence of a larger family matrix that you are just beginning to see fully and let it be. Notice what insights occur to you over the next few days and weeks.  You might be surprised.

Photo by Joeri Römer

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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