What comes after tapping?

Healing yourself, loving the world

Imagine a continuum, a sliding scale, with fear on the left end and unconditional love on the far right. Ideally we are free to along that scale and of course, the ideal is to be moving towards love.

Now imagine being tied down like Gulliver of Gulliver’s travels with hundreds of tiny but strong ropes. Each rope is anchored to the ground … it is not so easy to move anymore is it? EFT is one approach to snip all those ropes, very effectively releasing all those extra baggage that comes from past traumas, limiting beliefs, and past experiences.

But what happens when we are done snipping those ropes? What comes next?

I’ve been astounded watching my clients move from fixing into creating: expanding their lives, following their dreams, making new decisions, stepping into their power.

They still use tapping to support themselves as needed but they have so much time and energy and confidence now they look and feel like different people. They now trust themselves, knowing that their needs and values and desires are completely valid. They understand that it’s not that they don’t fit into the world, it’s that they just didn’t know their unique place and value. They understand that their journey and process with all the pain and challenges and bumps was the doorway into an incredible radiant and glowing life.

So as you check in with yourself, ask yourself a few questions:

What is still bugging me about my life?
What still feels like a burden?
Where have I made huge gains?
What am I proud of, grateful for, and just straight-up pleased about?
As you review this list, notice how much fear you feel when you look at your bugging list and notice how much love you feel when you look at the gains list.

Let’s tap:
Even though I’m still on the scale between love and fear, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though part of my life is working and part of my life isn’t, I appreciate myself and my life anyway.

Even though I get aggravated when I think of my burdens, I allow myself to appreciate my gains.

Even though I think I’m doing this just for me and my family, I am open to the idea that as I transform, I transform the world.

Move through the points, doing one round for each phrase.

Where am I on my path?

What still hurts?

What feels hopeless?

Really let yourself acknowledge where you are still wanting relief, sink into where it still hurts, don’t be afraid. And then when you feel the depth of your desire that’s beneath the pain, make a note of it and continue tapping. It’s simple language but the energy behind the words is profound.

One round for each phrase:

I honor this desire.

This is worth fighting for.

I might not know the answer but I know the beginning of the path.

I might not know the path but I have the desire.

It’s okay to want more.

I honor my desires – they are the key to living my life fully.

With love to all,


Photo by Olesya Grichina

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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