When we choose to leave

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Hello friends,

Below is a powerful tapping script that comes from my work with the family matrix and EFT.

I invite you to expand your concept of family and home for just a bit and see how our hearts still carry our history of many generations ….

When we choose to leave

The U.S. is known for being somewhat mobile – folks move around the countryfor work, for jobs, to go to school, to follow their dreams, or to find a better life.  The unspoken price of moving around is leaving our families.   In fact, if you look at the energy of the U.S. as a whole,we all left someplace to come here. Whether our parents, ourgrandparents, or generations before, we chose, or were forced to leave, our homeland.

This hidden loss of our homeland can show up in our lives today as an entanglement – basically that means that part of ourenergy is still tied to our ancestor’s homeland and until we can see and name and feel and accept that loss and connection, we won’t fullyfind our places here.

So, think of your family heritage.  Which homeland was left behind?  Imagine facing that history and feeling the emotion in your body.  Tap as you go and see how this shifts from hidden loss to forgotten love.

Set-Up Phrase

Even though I left, and I had no choice, I am willing to see what I left.

Even though I was glad to leave, I wanted to go, I am willing to see the price I paid.

Even though my family left, part of us still belongs to our heritage and homeland.

The Points

Eyebrow: I had to leave.

Side of the Eye: We had to leave.

Under the Eye: They had to leave.

Nose: I tried to ignore it.

Chin:  I tried to pretend roots don’t matter.

Collarbone: But how can I ignore centuries of roots?

Under the arm:  Our homelands have a unique energy.

Head:  Our homelands have a unique place in our hearts.

Eyebrow: It’s okay to mourn my history.

Side of the Eye:  It’s okay to claim my history.

Under the Eye:  It’s okay to see my history.

Nose: It’s okay to mourn my ancestral homeland.

Chin:  As I accept my family’s historical homeland, I can take my place in my current home.

Collarbone:  I can love both my ancestor’s homeland and my own.

Under the arm:  This loss is also a love.

Head:  My ancestors couldn’t see what they left behind.

Eyebrow:  My ancestors couldn’t mourn what they lost.

Side of the Eye:  They could only look forward.

Under the Eye:  But part of them was missing.

Nose:  I am willing to honor my past as I look forward.

Chin: I am willing to honor my homeland.

Collarbone:  I am willing to honor my ancestors.

Under the arm: I am willing to take my rightful place in my current home,

Head:  while seeing the past that brought me here.

Photo by Michael Shannon

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Deborah Donndelinger

Deborah Donndelinger

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