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The 52th Gene Key, the stillpoint

Richard Rudd begins the Gene Keys Golden Path journey by inviting us to consider the 52th Gene Key.  As I listened to his description and exploration of this Gene Key, I found myself deeply responding to the stillness he names. While I heard his recording several months ago,  its energy keeps resonating with me and informing me.

The 52nd Gene Key has to do with stress and stillness.  I have a lot of root definition in my human design chart. I am well acquainted with stress, both healthy and not. The 52nd gate sits on the root and to me is the essence of the root. When we feel stress, what do we do? Speed up or slow down?  The invitation is to pay attention to when we feel stress and to slow our process down rather than speed up and rush through things. Such a simple concept, yet one that I can feel permeating all the cells of my body and bringing a sense of relief.

White space

When I was working with a Feng Shui designer many years ago, she reminded me of the value of white space.  She suggested I try for 50% white space – on walls, on counters, wherever I look.  Similarly, I remember when I would book my calendar at work 100% and then be frustrated when something unexpected occurred. I had no white space.

A January invitation

I decided this last week to take a break from facebook.  I felt myself craving white space: the sense of empty space with no rush to fill it.  My birthday is in April and the last three months of our solar return is a time for integration.  Combined with the beginning of winter, I find that these few months are a precious time of contemplation and space, more so as I approach my Chiron return (50th birthday in a few years.)

My invitation to you, if it feels like a relief, is to consider your white space.   Do you have enough time to create? To wonder?  To see what shows up? Do you have an empty space on your shelf that you can wonder with delight what will be placed there?  Or are you moving things around, trying frantically to find room?  When you look around, both literally and figuratively, how do you feel?  What do you need to feel more space?

And as always ….

Each of us with our unique design, orientation, and preferences has a very different response and energetic make-up.  Your enneagram type, your human design type …. each is a model that points us to our initial response and our evolutionary next step.  So for me, finding space is helpful.  Your type might need the opposite – more stimulation and pressure.  So as always, I invite you to consider your unique make-up and what brings you relief.


The first step of the Golden Path is available for free:

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